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I once hitchhiked from Lithuania to Latvia on a bus, but there was no stamp on crossing border. One way or another, there is a stamp for entering the Schengen zone from Lithuania (Vilnus) and leaving it from Estonia (Narva).

Is it just a coincidence or stamps are set only on entering and exiting the Schengen zone?

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    Theres no passport control so you can't get a stamp – BritishSam Mar 18 at 8:17
  • @BritishSam even if there is a temporary internal passport control, as there have been in recent years in connection with the migrant crisis, you won't get a stamp. – phoog Mar 29 at 3:30
  • @phoog true, coming from the UK, outside Schengen into Schengen you currently do not get a stamp (for now), but as you see an IO you can ask nicely for one if you collect them. – BritishSam Mar 29 at 8:08
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    @BritishSam I suspect that you misunderstand my comment, for non-EU passports are stamped when entering Schengen from the UK. What I mean is that the Schengen Borders Code provides for the temporary imposition of internal border controls in unusual situations, so for example if a large number of refugees entered Hungary from Serbia, Austria could begin checking everyone seeking to enter its territory from Hungary. In such a case, however, they would not stamp anyone's passport, because nobody would be entering (nor leaving) the Schengen area. – phoog Mar 29 at 13:08

There are no stamps. You may however have to report your presence in some Schengen countries if you are not staying in a hotel:


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