I am flying Phoenix USA to Stockholm Sweden via Heathrow/LHR. I'll have ~4 hour layover (connecting flights both Finnair). My carry on will be a package I want to mail to Germany (2 vintage framed pictures). Is it feasible/possible to do this at LHR? How easy/difficult to do?

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    Which Terminal do you arrive into? There is a Post Office landside in Terminal 3 heathrow.com/airport-guide/terminal-facilities-and-services/… – Traveller Mar 13 at 22:00
  • I removed the part about rechecking bags because it's unrelated to your main question about mail. You can post it as a separate question if you like but I'm sure it's already been answered on the site so please search first. – David Richerby Mar 13 at 22:42

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