My wife is going to rent a car in Switzerland and will be driving through France. She is a French citizen and has a French license, but she has a green card and a US license also. She is residing primarily in the US and will be going back to visit, if that matters.

Some rental companies offer different rates for "foreign" (i.e. US-based drivers) when in Europe compared to European drivers. Are there any problems renting a car with the US license instead of the French license? Are there laws about which license has to be carried/offered when multiple are available?

  • Most countries require you to use the license of that country, if you have it. Otherwise, whichever one you like. – Aganju Mar 12 at 22:24
  • @Aganju That's what I would assume, but I couldn't find anything like that in the US (which makes some sense, every state is different and so it's hard to pin down how each one would react), but it's surprisingly hard to search in English for how that works with other countries. It's very hard to find anything other than "Here's where your US license works" – tpg2114 Mar 12 at 22:41

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