I am planning on taking a trip to Europe and require a schengen visa. As an international students, I keep substantial amount of my savings outside of the country, but also have UK bank account. For the Schengen Visa application in London, can I use my non-UK bank account, which is denominated not in Euros,Dollar or Pounds? I believe my UK bank account may not satisfy the visa officer because I deposit money in the account non-constantly and balance is not constant as well. Thanks

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    Assuming the non-UK account is in your name, you can access the funds readily (eg it’s not a fixed deposit) and provide recent statements, why would you not be able to use it as proof of financial means? – Traveller Mar 12 at 22:42
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    Why would you not use both? You do want to get the visa, right? – Michael Hampton Mar 13 at 6:06

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