i am planning to travel ireland to meet my family member from india , she is studying pursuing masters , recently i had planned a trip all together to netherlands with family memeber joining me on same dates of travel from ireland but my visa got refused by the netheralands embassy , will it affect deciison on ireland visa ?

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    This heavily depends on the reasons why the visa was refused and Schengen is not always forthcoming with full details. However if it was for the lack of ties which is extremely common and nothing have changed then yes another refusal is very probable. – chx Mar 8 at 1:57
  • The Schengen visa criteria should be "uniform", So do not copycat the previous application. You should really improve the application (do not assume anything: attach proofs, be more detailed, add new documentation, check this site about most frequent errors [do no put much extra money on your account, if you will not proof the origin]) – Giacomo Catenazzi Mar 8 at 10:02