I have a valid B2 visa. The date stamped in my passport says I have until May 9, 2019. When I log onto the I-94 website my admit until date is 09/05/2019. Which date is accurate?

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    When did you enter the US? The only possible confusion I can see is "May 9" vs "September 5". I don't know how the web site displays dates, but if it uses your own locale settings, and your browser is set to dd/mm/yyyy, then your browser could display 09/05/2019 for May 9. But, if you consider your entry date, only one of those dates can make sense. – Greg Hewgill Mar 7 at 23:46
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    Please post an image of the admittance stamp in your passport. – Michael Hampton Mar 8 at 4:52
  • @MichaelHampton Every admittance stamp I've had from the US has the date written as, e.g., "Mar 14 2019" (whether hand-written or stamped), presumably precisely to avoid questions about whether 1/2/34 is the first of February or the second of January. – David Richerby Mar 14 at 10:32