Good day Here I have one question with you guys. I am a seaman I mean working on a ship. So I have valid multiple c grade Transit Schengen visa from Spain that visa is one year validity . So now I am on work break .my next joining in the ship two month to go. So I would like to go for tour in Spain Madrid, is this visa eligible for me to go Spain for tour? There any problems....pls kindly answer me about this.enter image description here

  • A type C Schengen visa is normally a short-stay visa that would allow you to go for a tour in Spain. But seamen enjoy special treatment in the Schengen system, so it's possible that your visa has some special mention or endorsement that limits its validity. Can you edit your question to include an image of the visa (with personal data blacked out, of course) or at least transcribe the text (again, except for the personal data)? – phoog Mar 8 at 4:19

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