I am planning on taking my keffiyeh (a patterend black-white square scarf, commonly used as head cover in the Middle East) on my trip to Chile, Bolivia and Peru to wear it as a scarf while hiking in the mountains.

Would this be considered inapproriate, or can it be misunderstood as a political statement and cause problems?

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    Is this really opinion-based? It's asking if people in general find something offensive, not if you personally do. It's a question about people's opinions, not a request for the answerer's opinion. – David Richerby Mar 6 '19 at 22:02
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    I would appreciate it if the close voters could explain why this should be opinion-based. It is asking if dressing in a certain way is likely to cause problems while traveling. On the other hand, even the question whether or not to wear shorts on a train was left open: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/74588/… – ahemmetter Mar 7 '19 at 5:01

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