My wife and I booked a flight with EasyJet. My wife's passport is still in her maiden last name but the booking we made is in married last name. Will this be a problem and/or should we make a name change right away? We have marriage certificate on hand and my wife also holds a green card with her married last name but I doubt that easyjet will consider it.

Also same thing happened with our bookings with RyanAir, SAS, Norwegian, and SouthWest. Wife's passport was going to be replaced with a married last name on it hence the reason for all of the bookings being in the married last name. Unfortunately, due to complications and limited time maiden last name was left. I hope that her greencard will help but doubt it will assuming that only USA really recognizes it.

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    Don’t know about the other airlines but EasyJet’s rules say first and last names must match the ID you’re using to travel. I couldn’t find anything about whether they’ll accept a marriage certificate/passport combination. You could try calling their Customer Service team to find out if they’ll make a maiden name to married name change free of charge. – Traveller Mar 5 at 8:50
  • Is this a domestic flight or an international flight? – MJeffryes Mar 5 at 9:31
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    If you can change the ticket for free, it’s the easiest and least hassle path. – user 56513 Mar 5 at 9:33
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    or getting an official document (often no need for a passport) with the married last name. – Giacomo Catenazzi Mar 5 at 11:08

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