I will go to Switzerland as a visiting scholar for one month. I have already got a Schengen business visa. In my application, I provided the invitation letter. A proof of accommodation offered by my friend. I did not specify any travel plan in the visa application.

In the meanwhile, my girlfriend wants to join me and travel with me at the end of my stay (the last 8 days of my visiting). She needs a Schengen tourism visa. She wishes that I could provide a copy of my Schengen visa in her visa application. She hopes to live with me in airbnb. We will only travel within Switzerland. I have two questions:

First, since I did not specify any travel plan in my visa application, and my visa is a business visa, would this be questioned by the visa officer that I "cheated" in my visa application?

Second, since this last 8 days I will not live in my friend's place, would this be questioned by the visa officer that I "cheated" in my visa application?

She does not need to depend on me financially. But I do not know whether my copy of visa would cause any trouble for her application, as well as for my already approved visa.

This is really a tricky situation, I will appreciate if you could give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance!


Been there done that!

I was in Switzerland on Business visa and my Girlfriend visited me for two weeks. My accomodation was sponsored by company in a Hotel.

I took a letter from Hotel saying I have fully paid booking and two people can stay in that room. My girlfriend submitted all required documents as per checklist. This letter was a proof of accomodation.

It was hassle free!

For you, if you book AirBnB on her name, then you don't have to submit anything. She will be travelling to Switzerland and has stay booked. It's just coincidence that you are in same country ;-)

  • Hi, it's interesting that we are in the same situation! When did your gf submit her application? Was that the time when you are in Switzerland? Did you gf have any problem in applying the visa? The problem with us is that the airbnb has two names, and she will probably tell the visa officer that she will stay with me if being asked. – Mike Chen Mar 5 at 20:05
  • Just to add a few things. To make your situation similar with mine, suppose you got a Business visa and has not yet been to Switzerland. Two days later your gf wants to go with you, and your hotel cannot arrange for two people. Then you cancel your hotel and book another one. You write a letter to support her visa application. However, you change your hotel. I am not sure if this would cause a problem. – Mike Chen Mar 5 at 20:55
  • @MikeChen If AirBnB reservation have her name, then it shouldn't be a problem at all. Visa authorities need proof of accomodation, return ticket and sufficient funds. Nothing else matters! – Swanand Mar 6 at 8:08
  • Thank you. Yes, it has her name. But I did not provide airbnb reservation in MY visa application, as my friend will provide a room for me. Will they check my earlier visa application? I am afraid this change of accommodation will lead to revoke of my visa.... – Mike Chen Mar 6 at 8:11
  • @MikeChen Nope... I don't think they will check your visa and impact anything (*** I am not authority, just an opinion) – Swanand Mar 6 at 14:02

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