I am applying for a tourist visa for Canada, I am living in Germany but I am not from here. I have some documents which are in German and not English, Do I need to translate them to English? or since I am applying here in Germany it would be fine?


You would need to provide a translation of any documents not in English or French, as the Goverment of Canada Help Centre notes:

What language should my supporting documents be in?
Unless we tell you otherwise, all supporting documents must be in English or French.

If it is not in English or French, you must send it with:

  • the English or French translation and
  • an affidavit from the person who completed the translation and
  • a certified photocopy of the original document

Glossary links:

A document becomes an affidavit when a person signs the document, in the presence of an authorized person, after taking an oath that what the document says is true and accurate.

An affidavit is often used in order to verify that a translation of a document accurately reflects what is stated in the original language of the document.

Certified photocopy
A photocopy of an original document. It must be readable and certified as a true copy of the original by an authorized person. The person compares the documents and marks on the photocopy:

  • their name and signature
  • their position or title
  • the name of the original document
  • the date they certified the document
  • the phrase “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document.”

In Canada, examples of authorized persons who can certify the copies of your original documents include:

  • notary public
  • commissioner of oaths, or
  • commissioner of taking affidavits

Check with your provincial or territorial authorities to be sure who can certify your documents.

Outside Canada, each country has different authorities to certify documents. A notary public may be able to certify your documents, but you should check with your local authorities to be sure.

You and your family members cannot certify copies of your documents.

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