I'm going to Germany from India in 2 days. I have booked Etihad Airways flight but I put P S Narayanan (which is my name) instead of Puthenpurayil Satheeschandran Narayanan as in my passport. Will that be a problem? Do I need to panic?

  • Isn't your surname "Narayanan"? That has not been shortened. – phoog Feb 28 at 17:02
  • My surname is Puthenpurayil Satheeschandran, Given Name is Narayanan in passport. But I gave PS Narayanan instead. I shortened my Surname – PSN Feb 28 at 17:07
  • So your father is P S something-else? Is it common to abbreviate surnames like this? – phoog Feb 28 at 17:25
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    Hi again PSN, how is your name shown in the machine readable zone of your passport? It starts with P>IND and then your name. The "primary identifier" appears first, followed by double >>, followed by the "secondary identifier." In what order do your names appear there, and where is the double >>, if anywhere? – phoog Feb 28 at 18:18
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    @PSN that is correct according to the specification. The part between the country code and the double >> is the primary identifier, normally the family name, and the rest is the secondary identifier, or given name. Since it seems to be fairly common for people to use initials as you do, you might be fine, especially since you're flying from India. But on the other hand rules about tickets matching ID have been tightening up I'm recent years, and I have no idea what state those rules are in for the flight you'll be taking. – phoog Mar 1 at 2:40

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