Need a little advice, here’s a quick overview of my situation:

-I am Canadian.

-I previously lived in London for two years on a working holiday visa (2015-2017).

-I’ve been living in France with my partner for two years. My current visa expires 3 March, however I have a renewal appointment on 29 March.

-I plan to go to London and would like to stay with my sister (she’s on a working holiday visa) until June (so for 4 months). Our plan is to work together to research and write a business plan to open a bakery in London, and pull together an application for a joint entrepreneur visa.

-I also plan to come back to France frequently (every weekend or so) throughout the next 4 months to spend time with my partner.

-I am not currently working, but have $18k in savings.

-I have never been refused entry to the UK and would like to keep it that way, in light of the impending visa application.

Two questions:

-How upfront should I be about all of these points with border officers?

-Am I likely to throw up red flags/be refused on subsequent entries if I’m coming into the UK on a weekly basis for 4 months?

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    You’re possibly less likely to flag up if you are planning to spend weekends in the U.K. - entering regularly during the week may well make it seem that you are working in the U.K. Just an opinion but yes, I think the pattern of travel you’re describing would be noticed relatively soon. Assuming you’re not working in France but can show ties there, possibly your best approach is to say that you’re taking the chance to visit your sister prior to her leaving the U.K. by her upcoming visa expiry. I would avoid using the term ‘working with her...’ in any conversation with Immigration – Traveller Feb 25 at 14:54
  • Okay, thanks, I’ll avoid talk of the entrepreneurial plans we have. – Julia Voortman Feb 25 at 15:04
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    I still think the plan is fraught with problems. Four months and venturing out every week? That’s called living there. – cHiEf Immigration vIoLaTer Feb 27 at 8:53
  • Could you work remotely with your sister, with a relatively small amount of face-to-face visiting, so you are clearly living in France and visiting the UK? – Patricia Shanahan Feb 27 at 15:13