My first application was refused in October 2018 and I have resolved all the reasons as per the refusal letter during the second.

I applied again for a UK visit visa in Feb 2019 with all necessary documents and got the refusal letter as below.

I provided six months worth of bank statements which include two months of salary from my old employer for August'18 and September'18 and four months salary from October'18 to January'19.

Expenses as per the application form is only the living cost per month. I paid for my car 3,100 GBP and 6 months house rent 3,200 GBP in advance resulting in a low opening balance. These payments were not included in the application as one is an asset purchase. Monthly rent is included in expenses.

When do you suggest for me to apply again? What points to improve again on the same?

Refusal Letter

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    Based on your stated income and expenses your bank balance should be increasing at SAR 21,250 - 10,870 = 10,380 per month. Thus over the 6 months your closing balance is expected to be SAR 6,000 + 6 * 10,380 = 68,280. Can you explain the difference between this and your actual closing balance of 44,846? – k2moo4 Feb 24 at 7:01
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    @k2moo4 Presumably the difference is due to the OP paying fir his car and six month’s rent in advance. However, this should have been clear from the bank statement if the payments went through the account. If this is the explanation the OP could reapply, and provide evidence of the two transactions. However, with two refusals in under 6 months it would not be wise to risk a third so soon, so it may be better for the OP to wait say 6 months before reapplying. – Traveller Feb 24 at 8:00
  • @Traveller The difference is due to the Car and House Rent. Car Payment is made through Bank where as the Rent payment is in Cash to the Real Estate Office. My Wife got visa and it is expiring on 31 July 2019. Hence i cannot wait for Six month before reapplying if i want to travel with her. – user92669 Feb 24 at 8:07
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    My Wife got visa and it is expiring on 31 July 2019. Hence i cannot wait for Six month before reapplying if i want to travel with her Entry clearance officer does not care about that. You will very likely be refused again even if you address this very issue. You’re looking desperate unfortunately. – user 56513 Feb 24 at 9:48
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    Give it time and space, one year. Or get a good immigration attorney. Three refusals in a row will essentially finish you off. – user 56513 Feb 24 at 10:58