What's the answer if I:

  1. have luggage, like checked baggage for flights?

  2. don't have any luggage?

If I ought to tip, how much? Thanks!

This is the Canadian version of Is it normal practice to tip an Uber driver in London? and Is it normal/expected to tip taxi drivers in the UK??


In my experience as a Canadian citizen, it's normal (though not necessarily expected) to tip taxi drivers a few dollars per trip, and I don't see why it would be different for Uber drivers. I would say if you have heavy luggage or many smaller pieces that it's polite to tip a couple dollars or so extra for their trouble, though it's still up to you.

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(disclaimer, I don't uber, but used Teo before if closed down last month in Montréal).

I usually tip a couple of bucks for the ride and maybe a one or two bucks additional if driver is a good driver (takes care of luggage, drive safely, or is not overly talkative).

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    The question isn't asking for individual people to state what they do. Maybe you're unusually generous; maybe you're super-stingy. The question is about what behaviour is expected. – David Richerby Mar 28 '19 at 13:38

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