I am Canadian working in the Cayman Islands. I need a study visa for South Africa but the closest embassy is in Cuba. If I travel to Cuba to apply in person and relinquish my passport, I won’t be able to return to the Caymans for my work while I wait for my visa. Suggestions?

  • What’s The expected timescale for your application to complete? There’s a 30 day limit on tourist visa entry to Cuba; it can be renewed for a further 30 days but you’d need your passport. – Traveller Feb 17 at 19:14
  • Do you actually need a visa? This page dha.gov.za/index.php/types-of-visas suggests that you are exempt for entry into the country. And for student visas it says "Study visas must be applied for at VFS Centre across the country near the educational institution you will be studying at or at the nearest South African embassy, mission or consulate abroad". Note the "Or" – Peter M Feb 17 at 19:35

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