I'm a British citizen, living in Mexico, working remotely for a US company. I get paid in USD, and I like to save money in both USD and GBP while also having local Mexican currency to spend. For that reason I use a Borderless account from TransferWise.
It comes with US bank details, which allows my employer to make deposits in dollars. I can then convert some of the money to Mexican pesos to spend locally using the TransferWise debit card, and send some of it in British pounds to my HSBC bank account back in the UK.

I can export PDF statements from the TransferWise website for any of the currencies which I hold. For instance, I can export a statement showing my monthly gross income deposited in USD by my employer. The statements feature the contact details for TransferWise, my verified address in the UK, and other data relating to TransferWise's authorisation under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.

Would these statements be sufficient to prove my income for a Mexican visa application for myself, or a UK visa application for my Mexican partner in the future?
I ask only because they are not issued by a traditional bank like HSBC, but a more modern electronic money institution.

  • I assume you're applying for a long-term Mexican visa? – JonathanReez Feb 16 at 20:08
  • Short-term residency. – James Scholes Feb 17 at 22:45

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