i'm 20 years old, i am currently in my second year of study in the university in Algeria, i want to apply for General English courses in Liverpool school of English for 2 weeks so i need to apply for Short-term Student Visa but i have problem in financial requirements i need to seek advice for you please:

  • I have a bank account in my name with (1500£) plus fees of accomondation and application fees.
  • My mother is a teacher for 3 years (200£ per month) and she has only savings account she has no bank account.
  • My father is a retired teacher for more than 7 years (250£ per month) and he has no bank account or any account only post office account from where he get paid.
  • My brother has a professional commercial Bank account in his name he was receiving a lots of money on it, he has a commercial register and everything but right now he has no money in his account for a bout 5 months he didn't received money on it.

My questions is : what should I put in my application for financial documents, should I put payslips for my parents or open bank accounts for them and make them my official sponsor, or should I extract my money from my bank account and put it in my brother's account and make him my sponsor or what to do please?

Thank you for advance!

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    @Steven Paul How much are you planning to spend on attending this short course? Liverpool is not an expensive area of the UK, the language school website indicates accommodation is available at around £135 pw. lse.uk.net/accommodation Why do you need a sponsor? On the face of it you have sufficient resources for a 2 week visit yourself, providing you can prove the source of your savings – Traveller Feb 15 at 16:37
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    A good general principle is to keep your application as simple and direct as possible. Even if you write a clear explanation of a transfer, it may get missed. An unexplained money transfer will be presumed to be hiding something. – Patricia Shanahan Feb 15 at 16:41
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    Important information: When the application says 'bank account' that includes savings accounts and post office accounts. – DJClayworth Feb 15 at 17:36
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    Does your bank account have enough money to pay for the costs of your trip? And if not, where is the money coming from? – DJClayworth Feb 15 at 17:37
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    When you say the money is 'from your savings over 2 years', where were you keeping those savings for the two years? – DJClayworth Feb 15 at 18:09

I think we can now answer this question. Allow me to summarize your situation:

  1. You have a bank account which has enough money in it to fund your trip.
  2. However this bank account has only been in existence for a month.
  3. Most of the money in it was recently depositied and you say it came from your savings, which were in cash and you have no record of your finances before that.
  4. You have no other records of your income or expenditure before the account was opened.
  5. You have various other relatives who also have either very little money or no financial records.

Will my application be successful based on this information?

In my opinion (and it is only my opinion) it will not. One of the requirements is that you demonstrate a) that you have sufficient funds for your visit b) that the funds are really yours c) your financial circumstances are such that it is reasonable to spend the amount of money you want to spend on a trip to the UK.

You cannot provide evidence to backup either b or c. This is almost certainly going to result in your application being rejected.

What about if I get someone else to sponsor me?

No amount of transferring money from you to someone else and getting them to sponsor you is going to rescue this. Your relatives do not appear to have well-documented finances (a sponsor needs to be able to demonstrate that they have the money to pay you, and that they can afford to do it, just like you would if you were paying for yourself). Even if you had a relative who could afford this, your own lack of financial records are going to count against you.

How can I get to visit the UK?

Keep the bank account you have open, and start using it for your financial transactions. When you have done this for a year or so, you will have built up enough of a picture to satisfy the visa officers. Keep whatever savings you have in a savings account, so that you have a record of them. Then consider applying in a year's time.

  • Thank you very much sir this really helped me, but one more question, i was with my brother right now he told me that his bank account is old and he was receiving money from many companies (private companies, schools, universities...), he told me that the last payment he got was of 2000 pounds on december 31th, his account now is 0 pound balance but he'll receive an amount of 3000 pounds soon from work with an government agency, he has his documents of his private bussiness means all documents everything legal and last transaction on his bank account was in december 2018, he can sponsors me? – Steven Paul Feb 15 at 19:35
  • That's completely different from what you said about him in the question. – DJClayworth Feb 15 at 19:36
  • my brother will receive about 3200 pounds this month, what if i wait for 3 months while he's receiving money in his bank account and he'll give me his work documents and payment evidence and companies bills and everything, it will work? – Steven Paul Feb 15 at 19:40
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    You wrote the question three hours ago, and now you are changing the story completely. – DJClayworth Feb 15 at 19:42
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    @HenningMakholm "met" probably means "had a face-to-face conversation with" in this context. – Patricia Shanahan Feb 16 at 13:11

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