I am getting married to a Sri Lankan, in Sri Lanka in July.

I have criminal convictions in New Zealand from more than ten years ago, for graffiti.

These convictions are subject to New Zealand clean slate legislation, but are are visible internationally.

I note that the Sri Lankan travel visa requires that I request the visa within 90 days of arrival, so I have been unable to request a visa yet.

It would be super awkward if I was denied entry to the country for my wedding.

What's the best way to find my entry eligibility, or to otherwise improve my chances of being granted a visa?

  • Have you searched eligibility here? immigration.gov.lk/web/… – Traveller Feb 15 at 8:25
  • but are are visible internationally Visible by who, where? I doubt that even USA which is a signatory to Five Eyes can see your convictions for graffiti spraying. I would answer no if asked if I’ve committed a crime elsewhere. – cHiEf Immigration vIoLaTer Feb 15 at 11:58

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