Hi I booked a room through a online hotel site for 5 people and after I had booked it I found out that it stated that there would be all bunk beds It did not state that at the time only after the booking was made. I tried to cancelle the booking 15 mins later but the hotel would not refund me, he said that I should of phoned him first before booking, I explained that two off the people where pensioners and bunk beds would not be suitable but it made no difference.is there any way to get a refund?

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    This depends on where you and the hotel are located. Some jurisdictions may give you a general right to cancel an remote transaction within a certain period. If you're not covered by such a rule, the validity of the transaction comes down to a legal judgement about whether the nature of the service was (materially) misrepresented or not. – Henning Makholm Feb 11 at 19:12
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    (It may also be possible to dispute the transaction through whichever payment provider you're using -- but you're not telling us that either). – Henning Makholm Feb 11 at 19:13

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