As per date on my Pakistan Origin Card (POC) , it expired in May 2018, but when I try to submit application for renewal online, it says your POC is not expired and my application does not get through. What do I do now?


I hope the following information will be helpful for all who are trying to get their POC renewed.

I called them today on the number +92 51 111 786 100. The call center advised me to choose "modify POC" instead of "renew POC". That has worked out for me. Please keep the following documents/information handy before starting the online process.

  1. Scan of your existing POC
  2. Scan of your current valid foreign passport
  3. Name, Contact number and CNIC of a Pakistani citizen who can verify your details.
  4. A printer to print the signature form which has to be signed by the applicant during the process, and
  5. a scanner or a digital camera to scan the printed form after filling in the required information and signing it

That is how it works. Their web interface is not really stable I had to start editing my application about 10 times as the Website kept on crashing. In that case you have to log in and choose Existing Application from the top menu This is how the top menu looks like!


This is not really an answer to the posted question. But it may still be helpful as I am facing the same problem. Looks like they have some programming error regarding the comparison of dates. I'll call them tomorrow morning as they are not available at their service number +92 51 111 786 100 at this time.

By the way, for JoErNanO and others who may have the same question, a POC is a sort of document issued by the Government of Pakistan that enables persons of Pakistani origin to travel back to Pakistan without having to get a visa.

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    "call them on [that number]" sounds like an answer to me! Feb 11 '19 at 15:27

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