Arriving Helsinki & going to Central Station. When purchasing tickets at the airport, will the machines take credit cards? What is the approximate cost of a ticket? Thanks BR

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  • @NicolasB From the airport to the central railway station, as the question says. – David Richerby Feb 11 at 13:44

For a journey between the airport and Helsinki central, you will require a 'Regional' type ticket (see the HSL website for further information on what different ticket types cover)

At the current date, the single price for this journey is €5 if bought from a ticket machine (the website linked above states that these do accept cards with a chip) or €4.20 if you download the HSL app and buy the ticket there (I used the app as a tourist on my last visit to Helsinki). The ticket will be valid for 90 minutes from the time of purchase.

  • Addition: The HSL app accepts credit cards for payments. – Roy Feb 12 at 1:16

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