The commercial account of my sponsor have a little anomaly where he paid for insurance for his employees with checks but it got refused for him supposedly not having enough money which he has in the said account (a bug in the system), the money has been delivered to the insurance and they accepted it by now but a phrase remains on the bank statement as if he hadn't enough money to pay the insurance.

Do I need to get an excuse letter from the bank or just deliver a bank statement prior to the bug but he'll be 23/01/2019 knowing my application will be deposited the 14/02/2019 that's a margin of 20 days, knowing that the statement will be of 6months.


EDIT: the bank made a mistake where their system estimated a wrong amount of money therefore it rejected the possibility of my sponsor paying via a check, so its mentioned in his bank account that he couldnt pay a check because not sufficient fund but it's actually false and he managed to pay the money the insurance is due but the bug remained on the bank statement

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    Sorry, what? I don't intend to be mean, but I can't really make head or tail of this. If there's been a refusal, as I think there has, then the first thing we're going to ask for is a scan of the refusal notice with the personal information redacted, so uploading that might clarify a lot of stuff. – MadHatter Feb 10 at 20:40
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    Your sponsor's commercial bank statement would have little or no value to the ECO reviewing finances, both his and yours. – Giorgio Feb 10 at 21:02
  • If I take a declaration from the bank that it's a bug in the computer calculator (which is true) they'll refuse nonetheless? – james smith Feb 10 at 21:04
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    @james smith How do you know the ‘system bug’ story is true? It sounds more like your sponsor missed the cut-off for paying in to cover the checks he’d written. In any event, its the overall pattern on the account that matters, not a one-off event travel.stackexchange.com/questions/66104/… – Traveller Feb 10 at 21:49