My minor son travelled to India 7 years ago with a OCI card. Now I and my son are traveling to India again. He now has a new US passport, which is different than the one mentioned on his OCI card 7 years ago. I'm now applying for an e-visa for him.

There are mandatory questions asking about the 'last visa number used' and the 'type of visa used'. If I put his OCI number as the previous visa number (since OCI is a lifelong multiple entry, multipurpose visa), then what can I choose as 'visa type' ? 'Entry visa' seems like the most appropriate choice, but I'm not sure. Also 'lifelong visa' is not an option under visa type.

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    Why e-visa rather than updating his OCI card? – Patricia Shanahan Feb 10 at 18:08
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    Also, according to Wikipedia, an OCI card and a currently valid US passport would be sufficient even if the passport number does not match. Have you checked whether he needs any new paperwork? – Patricia Shanahan Feb 10 at 18:26
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    @PatriciaShanahan People under the age of 20 need to renew their OCI card when they get a new passport. It's not clear why he is trying to get an e-visa at all. – Michael Hampton Feb 10 at 20:51
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