I had a sticker placed on my passport at Brisbane airport (inside last page) that states:


It's blue and grayish.

Would I have a problem or denied boarding if I have this sticker going back to Australia?

Thanks, Brian

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    Can you post a picture? – greatone Feb 8 at 5:10
  • Did you fly to the United States from Brisbane on the 5th November 2018? – Michael Hampton Feb 8 at 6:08
  • Who put that stickers? – Giacomo Catenazzi Feb 8 at 13:36

I've always had them placed on the back of the Passport. They are meant to indicate the document has been inspected, that day.

Would I have a problem...going back to Australia?

No. The country of origin won't care and it's essentially expired in Australia.

I and many others have removed them after completing that journey. No problems yet.

  • Indeed. How could there be a problem, after all? How would anyone know? – phoog Feb 8 at 14:09

No, you will not have a problem. It says DO NOT REMOVE, so don't remove it.

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    Are you serious? That’s only valid for that travel day and flight. I have several such on my passport. – user 56513 Feb 8 at 8:00
  • Me too. I just leave them there, they're not a problem. – Greg Hewgill Feb 8 at 8:01
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    so don't remove it Ever?? – MJeffryes Feb 8 at 8:31
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    @MJeffryes I always take them off when I'm done traveling. In fact I think it's safe to remove them once you've boarded the plane. – phoog Feb 8 at 14:07

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