I have a short term student visa to the UK. I traveled to take my course and I went back to Egypt. Now I want to go back to the UK just to visit for two weeks and see my friends. Is that possible?

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    You don't specify some important pieces of information in your question. Please update the question with the following: When did you leave the UK after finishing your studies? How long did the studies last, and did you leave the UK at all while studying? Has your visa now expired? Did you commit any crimes in the UK for which you received a criminal record, or do you have a criminal record in Egypt? What's the purpose of your desired visit to the UK (just a holiday)? – James Scholes Feb 7 at 21:33
  • Did you post this question recently and then delete it? I seem to recall having seen something much like it earlier today... – Henning Makholm Feb 7 at 21:45

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