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Business Confirmation Letter*emphasized text*

How can a business confirmation letter be written if person is owns the business? What are the sources required if I already provided information that it's the business inward cash sales transactions?

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Typically, independent and verifiable evidence such as tax returns, trading accounts prepared by a chartered accountant, invoices /receipts. Anything ‘self-prepared’ is very unlikely to be acceptable.

  • But Business confirmation letter is always self written many friends have got the visas who are like me enterprenur – Mian Kashif Feb 7 at 17:02
  • Sorry but I’m struggling to imagine what a self-written ‘business confirmation letter’ could possibly contain that wouldn’t be better explained in the application itself and by providing suitable, verifiable, evidence. – Traveller Feb 7 at 17:27
  • E.g detailed info about business activities and info like business start date total income expenditure owner declartion etc – Mian Kashif Feb 7 at 17:37
  • @Mian Kashif It’s obviously of little value without independent corroborating evidence, or the ECO would have accepted it at face value rather than refusing your application – Traveller Feb 7 at 18:28
  • Independent corroborating evidence includes how many possible documents and if you can please elaborate in detail. – Mian Kashif Feb 8 at 3:35

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