I have applied my 6 months visitor visa in afternoon of 4th February with priority services.very next day after 24 hours, i recived email from Abhi Dhabi,,with GWF subject and Email said "Concluded". How come they decided my visa application within 24 hours?

Please note that i have 7 years valid Canadian Business Visa and i have visited Europe more than 8 times in last 10 years I have visited UK 3 time but 15 years ago.

I told in my application that i am going to Canada on 25th Feb for Business Purpose and on my way to Canada i would like to stay in UK for 7 days for tourism and refresh my memories.

I applied on 4th Feb 2019 and got Email from Embassy on 5th Feb and passport is back today on 7th Feb. I am going to collect my passport tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what could be outcome of my application?

Thanks and Best Regards, Mubi

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    So you paid for fast service and got fast service. Um, that's good, right? Getting the fast service you paid for seems to be a pretty horrible basis for starting to speculate the the fast service is a refusal. You'll learn the outcome soon enough, much more reliably than by asking random strangers on the internet to make wild guesses. – Henning Makholm Feb 7 at 7:00

Its 100 percent refusal. Actually the wording for acceptence is issued.

Refusal =concluded Granted visa= issued.

However best if lucks. Plz share if you still got visa.

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    Are there any objective reference available to substantiate your answer? If what you claimed turns out to be untue, it might mislead and put unnecessary anxiety on future readers who happened to be on the same boat. – B.Liu Feb 7 at 19:48
  • I have seen exact 10 cases which received the mail concluded and they all are being refused on different grounds. Its latest trend after october 2018 they are sending two types of emails concluded and issued. It would be useful to know if some one got concluded email and still got the visa. – Mian Kashif Feb 8 at 8:51

E mail from ABDH with word concluded now a days means refusal . But final outcome will be known after getting passport back . Hope for the best

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