15 minutes after I left my Visa interview I got a notice that VFS at the French consulate has just mailed something to me requiring a signature. Could it be that they did not process my documents but are sending them back? Or do they mail some sort of notification about the interview. I am freaking out that they have rejected my application. I had everything they needed except the checklist of documents which I was unable to print out for them.

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    So, you don't know what they sent you and you're just having post-interview anxiety? Suggestion: Relax and wait for it to arrive. Not long ago, you would be pleasantly surprised to get a response in the post so quickly. :) – Greg Hewgill Feb 7 at 3:17
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it’s classic post submission anxiety. – ThE iLlEgAl aLiEn Feb 7 at 3:49
  • You are right. It was a mistake on the part of UPS... there was no document being sent. The interviewer said I had paperwork missing (that was not mentioned in the application) so I erroneously assumed she was sending everything back. They do not exactly have their act together. The office had moved across town but it did not say so in the website, and they now require a check, not cash, which is also not explained. I am elderly and stayed in an expensive hotel next to the consulate to assure a timely arrival and then found I was in the wrong side of Atlanta,a stressful experience all around. – Jean Feb 12 at 11:18

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