My partner is a South African living and working in the UK on an ancestral visa which is due to expire on 30/03/2019 – before it expires she will be applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK but can’t do that until there’s only 30 days left on her UK visa, this means she cannot extend the visa any longer.

We’ve booked a trip to go skiing in France leaving on 22/02 and we’ve realised you need 90 days left on your British visa to obtain a Schengen Visa in the UK. We’ve both called several visa agencies but none of them are willing to help because rules are rules. I spoke to the UK passport office and they confirmed that there’d be no issue what so ever returning to the UK.

We’ve emailed the French consulate without response and she’s booked an appointment there for 19/02 – the earliest they could offer us - but that’s too late to obtain a visa. One of the agencies offered her an appointment on the 8th until they realised that her ancestral visa expires on 30th March.

She has proof of employment, finances and residency in London (she owns a house here) and proof of both of our travel and accommodation plans in France but it seems that no one is willing to speak to her, this mustn’t be a rare occurrence and surely someone out there has had a similar problem before.

We can’t feasibly afford to apply for her ILR early just for this trip as it’s an extra £700 on top of the already £2300 cost and that seems like the only way to get this sorted.

Has anyone got any experience or advice? If it helps I’m a British Citizen.

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    What is your question? Keep your post concise. – user 56513 Feb 6 at 21:51
  • The question is - does anyone have any advice on how to get the visa? Just as I asked in the original post. Without half the context I could have ended up posting all of that information anyway. Thanks for the comment either way 😁 – Thomas Fletcher Feb 6 at 22:09
  • You could apply to the German embassy and make up an itinerary that shows you will spend time in Germany and then conveniently change your mind after getting the visa. Is it ethical? No. Will you get caught? Very very very slim. I have done such a few times. I am not saying do what I did. – user 56513 Feb 6 at 22:16
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    "We’ve both been on the phone to several visa agencies but none of them are willing to help because rules are rules." Well that's the point: rules are rules. Travel agencies have no power whatsoever to bend the rules on visa eligibility. – David Richerby Feb 6 at 23:09
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    Experts on EU: Could they solve the problem by getting married and using EEA Family Member freedom of movement? Or are the problems of getting married on her current visa even worse than this "solution"? – Andrew Lazarus Feb 7 at 0:09

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