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I am a Turkish citizen.

For a 4 nights trip, I booked two flights: going to Austria and returning back from from Switzerland, visiting only these two. I have no time to acquire visas of these countries as the trip is just next month.

However, I can obtain a German visa with 'business purposes' easily (likely a multiply entry one). It is possible that I will visit Germany later this year, within the duration of the German visa.

Now, would I get in trouble if I just grab the German visa ASAP and use it first to travel Austria and Switzerland?

I might also stay in Germany for a night if that helps. Or book some hotels to pretend my main destination is Germany, and cancel afterwards. But don't want to get into trouble with later during visa applications.

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  • I have done that a few times. It’s against the rules though. – user 56513 Feb 6 at 12:53
  • @HonoraryWorldCitizen so you didn't encounter any problems? I am thinking what could the worst case be. – Emre Feb 6 at 13:17

The first use of a multiple-entry Schengen visa should be for the reasons and itinerary that was given in the application. There are examples of denied entry and cancelled visa when people broke this rule.

  • Okay, so I will not take the risk. – Emre Feb 8 at 6:51

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