I am a holder of an Indian e-visa, and on the application form I selected both the e-Tourist and the e-Business options. The ETA I received clearly states e-Business and eTourist in the Service Name field.

A few weeks ago I entered India for business purposes, but I will soon be visiting India again this time for tourism. My visa will still be valid by the time I enter, but do I have to re-apply for an e-visa with e-Tourist as the sole service?


The fact that your visa was approved for both Tourist and Business categories does not mean that you can enter once for each of those categories - it means that for any entries you are able to partake in tourist and/or business activities.

The number of times you can use your visa will depend on the details of the visa that was issued.

Most Indian e-visas's are "Double" entry, which means that you are allowed enter the country twice using the same visa. If you check your approval there should be a heading "Entry type" that is either "Single" (only one entry allowed), "Double" (up to 2 entries allowed) or "Multiple" (any number of entries allowed").

Presuming your visa is either "Double" or "Multiple" then you're good to re-enter a second time within the expiry of your visa.

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