Maybe someone can help. I want to enter USA for 4 days. I am Canadian now. But in the past I was in the USA illegally for a period of time as another country citizen (not canadian) and my last name is different now because of marriage. Voluntarily left the country. It was 11 years ago. May I be denied the entry at the airport or what to expect ? Thanks

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    You can be refused entry. That said any ban you had for overstay is long over, the maximum was 10 years. But changing your name doesn’t change anything. You can try and enter, you will likely not have a problem. I recommend you come by road so you don’t have to fill any forms. If you come by air you have to fill out forms. Whatever method you choose do not lie. If caught that could lead to a permanent ban. – user 56513 Feb 2 at 21:17
  • Thanks. What possible questions they may ask at the entry point ? And I voluntarily left USA 11 years ago. – Tia Feb 2 at 21:28
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    @HonoraryWorldCitizen Neither the landing card nor the kiosks ask about previous overstays. I would not do this by road, but at a US preclearance airport. CBP can't be nearly as aggressive at preclearance as they can at border checkpoints. Not to say they won't, but the host country does constrain them to some extent. – Michael Hampton Feb 2 at 22:36

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