We are Americans and travel to Bkk about once a year and a couple of years ago my son was flagged for frequent visits even though it isn't the case. He was told that he needs to get a visa next time. So the last 2 times he got a visa from the Embassy. He hasn't been in BKK for about 1.5 years now. My question is, does he need to get a visa for our trip next week or will he be able to get his visa exempt stamp at the airport?

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    Have you asked the embassy? Feb 2 '19 at 6:31
  • Although @dbkk answer makes a good point, can you edit your answer to demonstrate the previous 2-3 year entry/exit history to any port of Thailand for your son? We need a complete history to maximize giving you the best answer. This should be recorded in the passport used.
    – Jon Grah
    Feb 3 '19 at 4:22

Thai immigration rules are not clearly defined or properly published and often in flux. There's plenty of speculation on the internet, but you won't be able to get a clear and reliable answer on this, even if you personally ask an immigration official. Similarly, embassy/consulate staff would be next-to-useless, since they're under a different ministry than immigration at the borders, and can't even access the immigration database. What is clear is that over the last several years, Thai Immigration has taken a bit of a dislike of frequent visitors.

I would keep getting the tourist visa prior to any future trip -- it's a long way to risk a rejection at the airport. Note that in addition to applying in person, you can also get a tourist visa for Thailand by mail at any consulate.

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