I was approved to study in Spain for a full year and received a Spanish VISA that allowed me to stay until 11/27/18 which is now expired but Spanish police station processed my documents to get me a citizen card and said the card would be ready in 45 days. I received this notice on 11/09/18. I was able to use the document to re-enter Italy after traveling in Morocco. I had to leave back to the United States for an emergency but now I need to go back to Spain. I need to pickup my temporary citizen card at the city in Spain but I'm afraid they'll reject me out of the country. I asked the local embassy in San Francisco but they said I need to wait 90 days after my student VISA expires which is in June 28, 2019 before I can re-enter Europe. Wouldn't they have my information in the system? Is it problematic to leave and re-enter Schengen area from the USA? Can I have the police station mail the card to me here in the states? Or can anyone recommend me how to re-enter Italy or somewhere to take a bus to that police station in Spain where I can get my temporary ID card for schengen area?

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    If you are a US citizen you can enter as a tourist with just your passport, I believe. They should be able to mail the card to the SF consulate for you to pick up there, but I don't know if they do that. Italy and Spain are different countries. – Tomas By Feb 1 at 23:35
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    The most likely explanation for what you have been told is that the Consulate (there is no Embassy) in San Francisco did not realize you had a long-stay student visa. I assume this was "Type D". Their answer is correct if you had been 90 days in Spain on a regular tourist visa. Your time in Spain on a D Visa does not count towards the 90/180 rule for Schengen (not all of Europe). You should be able to enter Schengen (Spain, Italy, or any other member) as a tourist, after which you can pick up your residence permit in Spain. – Andrew Lazarus Feb 1 at 23:45
  • Eh? The time you spent in Schengen on the student visa doesn't count toward the 90/180 day rule for short stays. If you still have your receipt for applying for the residence permit, you should be fine. You'll probably still be OK even if you don't. – Michael Hampton Feb 2 at 15:42

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