I bought a ticket from Fiji to Europe from Cathay airlines but it involves both Cathay and air Pacific. I stop over at Sydney from Suva. I don't need a transit visa but need to recheck my baggage from Sydney to Europe because I change carriers. Can this be done without leaving the transit lounge?

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    Are you sure you will need to recheck baggage? "Because I change carriers" is not a reason to assume that; airlines routinely transfer baggage between each other for passengers who are connecting on a single booking. – hmakholm left over Monica Feb 1 '19 at 13:01

Fiji Airways (also known as Air Pacific) is a Oneworld "Connect Partner", while Cathay Pacific is a Oneworld member. They also have codeshare agreements.

As long as the two flights are on a single ticket, you should be able to do through check-in of your luggage to your final destination, and will not need to reclaim and re-check it in Sydney. You should not need to go through immigration (passport control) or customs.

Provided you are within the conditions for transit without visa, you won't need a visa.

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