I am applying for UK business visa and my employer sent me this invite letter.

I have two main concerns about this letter:

  1. They have written that my trip is tentative.
  2. It is mentioned that the company will be bearing my travel expenses

Is it alright to mention that my business trip is tentative? Will the granting officers think that I am uncertain about the trip and hence reject the visa?

In the application form I have mentioned that all the expenses will be borne by them (flight, hotel and per-diem). But from the invite letter, it looks like they are providing just the flight expenses.

We are pleased to invite Mr. X, Designation/employee of ABC Private Ltd. (Group Holding Company) to visit us in London for business meetings and discussions from ab/cd/efgh - ij/kl/mnop [a tentative trip]

His passport details are as follows:

... Passport details ...

Please note that, all travelling expenses will be borne by the company. We would greatly appreciate if Mr. X can be granted Two month's multiple entries visa.

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    Have you asked your employer to clarify what they mean by ‘travelling expenses’ and give you another invitation letter that is more explicit (including removing the reference to a tentative trip)? – Traveller Jan 30 at 8:08
  • @Traveller The employer is clear on the meaning of 'travelling expenses', for them it means all expenses (flight + acco + food etc.). But this meaning needs to be communicated to the ECO. And they have removed the reference to tentative trip now. – user3286661 Jan 30 at 8:25

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