I am an Algerian national possessing a Serbian temporary residence. I want to travel from Belgrade to Romania, Bosnia and Montenegro. Do I need a visa for these countries?


You need a visa for Romania, as Algeria is own the list for the list of states whose citizens (annex 1), holders of simple passports, are required a visa upon entry on the Romanian territory.

You don’t need a visa for Bosnia if you stay less than 90 days:

Državljani Rumunije izuzeti su od viznog režima prilikom ulaska, izlaska ili prelaska preko teritorije Bosne i Hercegovine do 90 dana, u periodu od šest mjeseci, počevši od dana prvog ulaska.

(From the visa website)

When translated:

Romanian nationals are exempted from the visa regime when entering, exiting or crossing the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina for up to 90 days, for a period of six months, starting from the date of first entry.

You also need a visa for Montenegro, you can obtain it from the Serbian consulate. Details of the consulate available here.


You need a visa for Romania, ask your embassy. Their site is at: http://www.ambasada-algeriei.ro

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    Wouldn't the Romanian embassy in Belgrade be the more appropriate place to ask? – phoog Mar 24 at 0:25

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