My mum and dad are planning on visiting my sister in the UK. My dad is an EU citizen but my mom is not. She does have a residence permit in Italy though (I think it's called permesso di soggiorno).

I've read about EU citizens being able to travel with their non-EU spouses if they have an article 10 residence permit (see link below) so I wanted to ask if her residence card qualifies as an article 10 permit and if she can travel with my dad without having to apply for a visa?

Link to home office website on Article 10 residence permit

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  • You have to check exactly what type of Permesso di soggiorno she has. Is it per motivi familiari? – gstorto Jan 28 at 13:45
  • @gstorto I've just received a photo of her residence permit and it says 'tipo di permesso di soggiorno: soggiornante di lungo periodo'. – unibookworm Jan 29 at 18:46