I booked a ticket on kiwi.com for a Laudamotion flight. My question is if I can add it on the Ryanair/Laudamation site and on the app, respectively.

If yes, how can I do that? I tried with any information, which I could find on the tickets (Reference number, flight number, etc.).

As I found nothing on the web, I guess the answer is no, then my follow-up question is why this is so for the sack of personal interest.

  • You need to find the booking reference / reservation number of Laudamotion; chances are you are given a reservation number from Galileo or Amadeus which are booking engines. – Burhan Khalid Jan 28 at 9:54
  • Is this a site or something where I can look up that number? or how is this to understand? – h0ch5tr4355 Jan 28 at 10:36

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