Few days ago, when I was leaving Brazil, the border officer put the exit stamp on one of the "page reserved for official entries" instead of one of the "visas" pages. My passport is Polish.

May it be a problem in the future when using this passport? I'm not sure what "official use" means I'm this context, I understand it's reserved for use by the government. photo of the stamp

  • What type of passport do you have? Is it an official passport? – gstorto Jan 28 at 1:12
  • @gstorto just a "standard" Polish passport, as described here en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_passport – Kuba Jan 28 at 1:17
  • Apparently these pages are unique to Polish passports. They are used for amendments on name and civil status. I have just verified my Brazilian passport and no such pages exist. That is probably the reason the Brazilian official mistakenly stamped them. Only the Polish authorities can answer if your passport is still valid with a stamp on these pages. – gstorto Jan 28 at 1:49
  • It's not going to be an issue. You can ask the Polish authorities if you're paranoid. – greatone Jan 28 at 5:08

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