I'm a US citizen staying in Germany. My family has a summer home in Canada. I'm thinking of going to Canada this summer, and then going back to the US by driving from Canada into the US. I don't think this should pose any problems, but it's admittedly a convoluted way of going back. Anyone know if this is 'fine' and just a regular border crossing? Or do I need to give details of my entire time in Germany to US immigration?

I should clarify that I've been in Germany for the past three years studying. Last time on reentry to US airport wasn't a big deal, but they did require verification of identity etc. I know though that at the border between Canada and US they usually ask for some details of your trip and what you did. I guess I just give details about the time in Canada then?


You're a US citizen. You should have no problem getting back into the US. If they ask you about where you've been, just tell them. It's not like you have anything to hide.

  • It wouldn't even be a problem for an EU citizen. Jan 28 '19 at 3:05

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