I'm a UK citizen and I'm currently staying in Mauritius with a visa until the end of April. I need to fly to another country for two weeks and wondered if anyone knew whether I will be able to return to and re-enter Mauritius and complete my stay in Mauritius until the end of April with my current visa? Or whether I will be refused re-entry at customs when I try to return? There's nothing written anywhere on the government websites saying I cannot make a trip abroad and then return, but it's not clearly written that I can either. Can anyone confirm either way? Thanks.

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    What type of visa? UK citizens can normally enter Mauritius visa-free for up to 60 days providing they can show evidence of onward or return travel gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/mauritius/entry-requirements – Traveller Jan 26 at 19:13
  • Thanks for replying. I have been granted a tourist visa to stay for 120 days in total. This runs until the end of April. I want to fly somewhere in early February, for two weeks, and am trying to find out whether I can return back to Mauritius in the middle of February to stay here until my visa runs out in April. – Philip Jan 27 at 13:06

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