ASAP! I’m writing this now and after 8hrs my flight to Sri-Lanka via Dubai. My situation is: I'm granted asylum recently got RTD and now going to Sri-Lanka via Dubai from New-York. My question is

1) do I need have a visa?

2) There’s any custom/border problems in Dubai? Sri-Lanka?

3) Should I use only RTD for whole trip? (I still have valid citizen from my native country) or I have to use my passport?

Please help me?

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    What is your citizenship and residence status? Do you have an ETA for Sri Lanka? immigration.gov.lk/web/… – Traveller Jan 26 at 11:02
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    Using your passport can invalidate your refugee status. But Dubai does not accept refugee travel documents at all as far as I can tell. And you will need a physical visa for Sri Lanka regardless, I believe. You need to cancel this trip. – MJeffryes Jan 26 at 11:57
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    If you are a national of Sri Lanka, do not travel there. Timatic has a warning that your refugee travel document may be seized at the border. Of course, you might also be seized... – Michael Hampton Jan 26 at 15:35
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    @MJeffryes UAE does not allow refugee travel document holders to enter, but as far as I have been able to determine they can still transit airside. – Michael Hampton Jan 26 at 15:38
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