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If my issue date of visa is 2nd Feb and valid until 1st April. So if I enter Dubai on 15th March, will my 30 days period start from 15th March and will be valid until 14th April?

Or do I have to exit Dubai 1st of April?

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You have to exit by 1st April, however you can extend the visa twice for up to 30 days each time http://www.dubaivisa.net/uae/duration30days.html

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    Do you have a citation for the need to exit by 1st April? Although it sounds correct we shouldn't have to take someone's word for it. The link doesn't say anything regarding leaving by the expiry date. – doppelgreener Jan 25 at 10:57

You have to exit Dubai before valid until date. In this case, April 1st.

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    I'm not saying you're wrong, but could you provide some kind of references to support your position, rather than simply stating it? – MadHatter Jan 25 at 8:40

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