I need to travel from Milan (Italy) to Guwahati in India. The way to go seems to buy an Air India flight from Milan to Delhi, and then another Air India flight from Delhi to Guwahati. This combination minimizes the risk that my baggage gets lost.

I tried buying the tickets directly from the Air India website, but I couldn't find a way. Then I tried using cheapoair, but the payment didn't go through (I don't know what went wrong... I called them but I didn't get any reasonable explanation).

Do you have any suggestion on how to proceed? Thanks!

TLDR: How can I buy two consecutive flights with Air India (Europe-India + India-India)?

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    I could book milan-delhi-guwahati on Air India's website if I selected the "multi-city" option. – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Jan 24 at 22:01

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