Am compiling documents for my visa application and I read that I need to present go and return flight tickets to prove that I will return at the end of my visit. Then a while ago I got to know that I can just get a flight reservation with out buying the flight tickets because the visa application can be refused and you have already bought the tickets. So l request to know which of the two , having a flight ticket or flight reservation is more compelling to the visa officer and more convenient me because I would buy a flight ticket and my application is refused


No. UKVI guidance specifically states that travel arrangements should not be made prior to receiving your visa.

Section 4 of the UK government's Supporting Documents Guide for Visitors lists flight and hotel bookings as documents that are NOT required to be submitted with the application:


Documents you should not send unless specifically requested.

This section provides guidance on the types of documents that are not required to consider your application.


  • hotel bookings

  • flight bookings


If you present documents that are not required you may give the ECO the impression that you don’t understand the rules or didn’t bother to read them.


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