I'm a Pakistani national and trying to get a visa for Panama, Belize, Costa Rica or Honduras. How do I do this? Most of them don't have Visa services in Pakistan so where do we apply and what are the requirements? Also, I read that a visa for one of these covers the other countries as well. Is that true?

  • You say that most of these countries don't have a visa services in Pakistan, and you don't seem to care which of the countries you get a visa for. So why not get the visa from one of the countries that does have representation in Pakistan? – David Richerby Jan 24 at 15:48
  • Where are you actually planning to go? – Michael Hampton Jan 24 at 15:50
  • I am planning to see Belize / Honduras or Costa Rica / Panama , as I have a valid US visa and German residence I can travel without visa but want to take my fiancee as well, she's currently in PK. Unfortunately non of the above have embassies in Pakistan, some people I guess go to UAE and apply from there. These countries don't have proper websites and never pick up their phone so it's totally blind – Engr Imtiaz Khan Jan 24 at 15:56

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