I'm russian. I don't have a Schengen visa and I don't have an opportunity to get one now.

I want to buy a ticket Mexico - Brussels - Morroco of tuifly.


kiwi.com air ticket

Normaly, if I had a single ticket , I wouldn't need a visa to do a transfer in Brussels without changing an airport, even though I didn't have a Schengen visa.

However, the route Cancún - Brussels - Enfidha doesn't exist at the website of tuifly. And kiwi.com does have such tickets. This implies that probably there'll be 2 separate tickets, of the same airline.

I'd buy them from kiwi.

The email support of tuifly told me that they couldn't give me an answer about me being able to board a flight, by email. Only in the airport, when boarding, would I find that out.

Question: will I likely be permitted to board a flight? How to increase my chances for this particular route?

  • But that flight left two days ago! – Michael Hampton Jan 23 at 22:29
  • 1
    @MichaelHampton oh my God, really? I must run, run..... – Nammami_mar Jan 23 at 22:34
  • Seriously though, kiwi likes to sell "single" tickets which actually turn out to be seaprate bookings and require passing through immigration and customs to change flights. This is very risky if you require a visa to enter the country in which your flights connect. Their so-called guarantee does not cover this situation. If you already have such a visa, it's no problem. – Michael Hampton Jan 23 at 22:36
  • 1
    "Re-read my question" is not useful. Is there something in particular you think I missed? If so, you should point it out explicitly. With the information given, I believe you would get separate tickets, and I do not believe you will be allowed to board this flight, and if you do manage to get on the flight, I suspect you would be refused entry in Brussels and returned to Mexico. I think it is not safe to book these tickets. – Michael Hampton Jan 23 at 22:51
  • 1
    @phoog Sure, it might be possible. I've just seen too many people get burned by buying tickets at kiwi.com and then being denied boarding or being unable to change flights because they actually got separate tickets. I'm not willing to advise anyone who might require a visa to buy from that site or any like it without being 100% certain they won't have a problem, and I'm not 100% certain. – Michael Hampton Jan 23 at 23:33

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