I am going to Vietnam end of February together with my girlfriend for 3 weeks. We want to rent a motorbike for part of the travel (Hoi An to HCMC). We will both ride on one, for this, and because we do want to avoid breakdowns, we want to rent instead of buying the classic but said-to-be-unreliable Chinese Honda Win.

I am a motorbike rider in Germany and I feel like getting a manual instead of a scooter or so.

One renting company suggested the following bikes:

If a regular bike:

  • Lifan CB 150 cc
  • Honda FT 230 cc

If I wanted Enduro Bikes:

  • Honda XR 250 cc

  • Honda XR 150 cc

The Street bikes are generally cheaper and maybe more comfy for two persons, the enduros seem to be more suited for the roads to expect...

Does anybody have experience with those bikes?

What do you think about the road conditions and having a street- vs . an enduro bike down in Vietnam?

Any other tipps? Thanks a lot.


The better choice for 2 people from your list is Honda FT 230 cc. It's most comfortable.

Most popular bike for backpackers in Vietnam is Honda Win. But it's too small for 2.

If you are considering scooters, the best choice is Honda PCX 150.

Vietnam have very good roads, so motocross bike (like Honda XR 150 cc) no need.

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  • Thank you for the reply! We had to shift the holidays to April. I booked (before reading your comment) the Honda XR 250 cc now. I will give a heads up how the experience was. – aldorado Mar 26 '19 at 8:46
  • So we are back and tested the XR 250. I have to admit: I liked it when riding alone, but for two persons it is not very comfortable. The seat is not made for long distance travel and the passenger foot rests (at least for the bike we got) were to high for a european person to sit comfortable. I would definitely try the FT next time. I loved the suspension of the XR, though, in particular compared with the scooter we got later. – aldorado May 22 '19 at 6:23
  • However in my case I would strongly reconsider my naive choice of doing such kind of travel with my girlfriend at all. My recommendation for everybody thinking about it: If you girlfriend absolutely loves motorbiking - ok. But then you could just as well get two bikes. If she is "ok" with biking. Don't do it. It's way more exhausting than riding in Europe. If you are both adventurers, this might be ok, if not: The motorbike travel takes a lot of time where at least one of you might not enjoy. In this case I recommend what I did not want to hear earlier: Go by train/bus, rent a scooter locally. – aldorado May 22 '19 at 6:28

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